Friday, April 1, 2011

Alan Wong's Pineapple Room

Mom and I decided to have a late lunch today at one of her favorite places, Pineapple Room. Since eating there this afternoon, it's easily become one of my favorites as well. 

If you've already read my Alan's Wong's restaurant post, then you'll love this post equally as much. This is the sister restaurant which is open for lunch and dinner. What I love about it is you can even come for a late lunch since they don't usually close the kitchen til 3:45pm! People were still sitting down at 3:35pm and being served. 

A little background info- Pineapple Room is located in Macy's on the top floor. The best place to park is in Hookipa Terrace, since the entrance to the restaurant is right as you enter. 

Good eats (and drinks)? I loved their Plantation Iced Tea, and saw many other patrons ordering it as well. It is what I believe a good Plantation Tea should taste like- Iced Tea, sweet, but not too sweet, and with a healthy amount of pineapple juice mixed in. Light and refreshing! You get at least 2 servings of it, so many people drink half, and then ask to take the rest out in a plastic cup. My mom doesn't like any drinks too sweet, so she prefers the regular Iced Tea, which is just as delicious. Sorry, no pictures of the Iced Teas- I forgot!!

What Mom recommends- Mom got her one of her favorite dishes- the Calamari Salad. I tasted a piece of the Calamari and it was very tasty! Lightly salted and a light batter! The dressing for the salad and Calamari is also a nice touch- it's got a slightly spicy flavor to it, but not overwhelmingly so. Even I, who doesn't prefer spicy food, liked the sauce. It goes well with the dish. As a nice surprise, there is also somen salad underneath the veggie greens! It's a very healthy meal with good portions of everything. Mom also recommends the Mahi Mahi Sand which is her favorite, but more on the heavy side. It's tempura-battered and also comes with tempura sauce to dip your sand in.

What I recommend- Kalua Pig BLT Sandwich! OMG, so juicy and delicious! If you haven't already noticed, I am a Hawaiian food lover. I love myself a good Hawaiian food plate lunch with the works- Kalua Pig, Lau Lau, Lomi and Poi, Rice, Poke...YUM! So anytime I can get my hands on some Kalua Pig or Lau Lau, I definitely do so! This sandwich comes with a generous amount of Kalua Pig with Onions, Bacon, Tomato and Lomi Lomi next to a good portion of Caesar Salad. Such a balanced meal in my mind!! I love the fact that the sandwich comes with salad instead of fries or whatever. It makes me feel like at least I had a salad with my meal!!!

Calamari Salad

Kalua Pig BLT Sandwich with Caesar Salad

So juicy that the bottom of the Onion bun is soaked!

Next round tomorrow for lunch?


  1. that sandwich looks amazing!

  2. it was definitely AMAZING, chris. so juicy and loaded with kalua pig!

  3. Tell your mom that I love the mahimahi sandwich there. I'm ok there for lunch but the dinner prices far outweigh what you actually get served... I'm a big fan of the Pineapple room... but only when the sun is out...