Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moena Café

A very cute breakfast/lunch spot just opened in Hawaii Kai's Koko Marina, and reminds me of the very popular Sweet E's and Café Kaila. So happy that there's finally a spot like this on my side of the island. I'm just afraid that once this place gets more popular, the line will much be like Sweet E's and Café Kaila.....and the wait will be forever for this small restaurant.

Open from 630am-3pm, Moena serves a variety of different food items- the usual breakfast stuff- pancakes, eggs, waffles, omelettes, and eggs benedict and also sandwiches, salads, paninis, crepes, acai bowls, Mac N cheese and of course, coffee and tea items. Breakfast is served all day, lunch starts at 11am.

I was very excited to eat at this new place- Yelp reviews seem to say they have their act together. A new restaurant that has their act together?! I'm there.

While I did enjoy my friend's Eggs Benedict, I was sadly disappointed with their "Mo'Egga, A Moena Favorite," two pieces of bread with artichoke spread and 2 poached eggs on top. Their menu is really misleading for this item! When I see "A Moena Favorite," I think that this item has got to be one of the more popular things on the menu. But, in reality, the artichoke spread seemed more along the lines of garlic spread, and it was nothing special to me. The garlic was so strong that throughout the whole day, I felt like a dragon blowing out garlic fire. My mouth was just so garlicky!!!

I really liked Jeremy's Eggs Benedict- the bread was a bit on the thicker and tougher side, but when the runny egg yolk soaked into it, it was much more soft and flavorful. The Hickory-smoked ham was SO delicious and they gave a hefty slice of it! Love that!

Next time, I'd love to try their Crab Eggs Benedict or their Short Rib Loco Moco that I heard was another "favorite."

PS- I also tried their Mango-Peach Iced Tea. All the sweetness was at the bottom!

Eggs Benedict


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