Monday, June 10, 2013


La Gelateria Tangelo and Pineapple Sorbetto!

I recently had the chance to go back to HASR Bistro a second time in a week! I seriously love this place. The first time, we went on a Tuesday, and it was incredibly low key. This last time, on a Friday, it was crazy! Live music, crowded by 8pm, and there's no way you can request outside seating- it's just way too busy. FYI, the wine shop closes at 8pm, so get there earlier to pick up your wine bottles!

I had eaten dinner a bit earlier, so I wasn't too hungry, but we still ended up ordering a few appetizers, a bottle of wine (from next door), beer for the boys, a couple more cocktails. Yup, it was that kind of night!

I wasn't too impressed with any of the appetizers, but the cocktails we had were ultra-tantalizing! I'm still obsessed with their Escargot and Mushrooms dish, the Short Ribs, and the Seafood Pan Roast we had our first time here. See HERE for my first review. Hopefully, I will make a trip to HASR this week for their Osso Bucco at lunch time.

One thing I really enjoy? They serve La Gelateria Sorbetto and Gelato for dessert, and the flavors change every so often too! We tried the Tangelo and the Pineapple- the Pineapple was divine, and my favorite. The Tangelo was a little too tangy for my liking.

I would highly suggest their Chocolate Martini and Strawberry Margarita. I don't care too much for Chocolate, but the Choco Martini was surprisingly charming. And deadly. I'm sure there was a lot of vodka in it, but you could hardly tell! Definitely ordering it again!

A cup of French Onion Soup- $7. Bowl for $9.

Pomme Dilla- Potato Tortilla, Black Diamond Aged Cheddar, Sour Cream, Bacon, Chives, Truffle Oil

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Spicy Chili Aioli

Tangelo and Pineapple Sorbetto

Creme Bruleé

Affogato- Vanilla Ice Cream topped with a shot of Espresso!

Chocolate Martini!

Yuzu Martini and Strawberry Margarita

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