Thursday, June 20, 2013

Onda Pasta @ Taste Table

I've recently discovered Taste Table at 667 Auahi Street. Taste is a venue for new and upcoming Chefs (some aren't new to the industry, like Chef Wade Ueoka) to feature their food every week. This month features certain Chefs like Onda Pasta, Kiba Café, Wade Ueoka (from Alan Wong's and Tsunami's), and also Thai Spice Shack. All during the week Tues- Friday 10am-230pm, and sometimes Pig and the Lady on Tuesday or Saturday nights.

Since Onda, I've been back for a Friday lunch to try Thai Spice Shack. Stay tuned for my review!

Anyway, back to Onda Pasta! I had some work and errands to do this past Tuesday, and made it down a little before closing, around 2pm. I checked Instagram to see if they had posted the menu, and indeed they had! Uni Pasta. My recent liking for Uni (see here) has made me want to try Uni everywhere and in/on everything! Walked in the door and immediately ordered Uni Pasta. But then I glanced on the menu board, and it was crossed out! The lady taking my order also mentioned it ran out about 30 minutes earlier! Shoot. So I went with the Italian Loco Moco instead, which sounded equally intriguing. Saffron Risotto with Polpette (small meatballs) and soft-boiled egg with a mushroom reduction. Delicious and ultra-rich with that perfectly-cooked egg on top! Poke open that egg and let it ooze all over the saffron rice, and you have the ultimate Italian Loco Moco for sure! I'd say it's better than the local loco moco we always have!

Hopefully Uni next week Tuesday! Check Onda out at Taste every Tuesday for the rest of this month. Follow Taste Table on Instagram (@tastetable) and also Onda Pasta (@ondapasta) for updates and menu items!

Mountain Apple Italian Soda to start!! Very light in flavor.


  1. Thanks for coming down to our cafe.

  2. Thanks so much for coming and checking us out! Unfortunately we won't have the Uni tomorrow but it'll be back soon; promise. Tuesday lunches through August and some Saturday dinners coming soon.