Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HNL Farmer's Market- Pig and the Lady UPDATED!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee- SO strong!

Just a reminder, today is the HNL Farmer's Market at Blaisdell from 4-7pm! Check out Pig and the Lady's eats a couple Wednesdays ago below. I can't tell you how amazing everything is every time. You just need to go to see for yourself!

Most of you know that I am obsessive about good Oxtail. Last year, I was on a mission to find the best Oxtail Soup/Pho on the island- see HERE for that. And so it was just great timing that Pig and the Lady was serving up their version......which of course, did not disappoint. Tender, fall of the bone meat, homemade Pho noodles, and the broth. I CANNOT GET OVER THEIR PHO BROTH. This is a must try. Has to be one of the best on the island. Distinct tastes of both a savory and sweet broth, plus lots of cilantro. A must.

Also tried their Banh Xeo, which is a savory Vietnamese Crepe with corn, bleu cheese, lettuce and pickles. Wrap the crepe and its filling with the lettuce and dip in the sauce. The Crepe was crispy and light, but the bleu cheese seemed to overpower the entire dish. Seemed a little more balanced if you added some sauce to it. Overall, not one of my favorite dishes!

Lastly, Aaron bought some Smoke Pork from the Guava Smoked vendor. This was another sweet/savory dish that was very moist and tender! 

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