Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HNL Farmer's Market UPDATED!

Kona Coast Abalone

It's become my normal routine again to go to the HNL Farmer's Market every Wednesday. While I'm driving there, I'm always daydreaming about the succulent and juicy grilled Abalone I'm about to devour. This time, we had 2 orders of Abalone, twice! Yep, we went back again because we couldn't resist! I wouldn't say it's the cheapest thing there either.....it was $24 for 8 shells. But goodness gracious, SO worth it!!!

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We also went back for more Pig and the Lady. I couldn't resist that either. New things on the menu every week! This time I was craving their Jidori Chicken and Fish Pho that they had last week, but that was off the menu! The closest thing to soup (since it was raining) was their Vietnamese-Style Beef Stew. I can't begin to tell you how flavorful the broth was! It was like a cross between their pho broth and soupy beef stew! Absolutely orgasmic and gratifying. I'm planning to go to their next Pop-Up Dinner (whenever that is...hopefully soon please!!), but they honestly need to start their own restaurant. NEED.

Farmer's Market Curry- cooked with vegetables only from Farmer's Market vendors

Bo Kho- Vietnamese Beef Stew with Beef Shank, Tripe, Carrots, and Vietnamese Herbs

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