Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thai Spice Shack @ Taste Table

Thai Iced Tea!

Taste Table features many new Chefs each month. See my first article on Onda Pasta here. I was lucky to be able to catch both Onda and Thai Spice Shack before their time comes to close at the end of this month. You have one more chance to catch Thai Spice Shack at Taste Table this Friday, so don't miss it!

Below, a bountiful array of Thai Spice's dishes. This is almost the entire menu that Chef Won and Nanz created for that Friday! My first fave on the menu is their Pad Thai, which was ultra-moist and had vibrant flavor. What I liked most was that the noodles did not clump together, and there were lots of veggies in it! I would have to say it's one of the best Pad Thai's on the island. I do still really enjoy Maile's Thai smoky Pad Thai. My other fave? Their Crispy Chicken! And I'm not a huge fried chicken fan, but Thai Spice's was ultra-light and ultra-crispy. The chicken was tender, not dry. It also wasn't oily at all! Isn't that all you can possibly ask for in fried chicken?!!

I also loved Thai Spice Shack's Panang Curry with their Mango Sticky Rice. The Mango Sticky Rice is probably supposed to be eaten as a dessert, but it went hand in hand with the Panang Curry like it was just meant to be! Their Panang has got to be my most favorite on the island. I loved how creamy and sweet it was, with just a bit of kick.

Talk about "kick," well, Nanz' Eggplant Bomb and Tom Yum soup were mighty spicy! The Eggplant and beef were both deliciously-tender, but definitely left your mouth burning after a couple bites. Let it be known that I have a very low tolerance for spicy, so my "spicy" may be different than yours! As for the Tom Yum, my goodness, that was just WAY too hot for me! I could only take a few sips! I have yet to try her Tom Kha, which she featured last week, but hopefully this coming Friday, she will have it on the menu again! I wish I could have tolerated more of the Eggplant and Tom Yum, because both had the most vivacious flavors and spice. The Tom Yum was also chalk-full of mushrooms, ginger, and other veggies plus a huge "Giant Shrimp" that they add in. When you're done with the soup, crack that sucker open for some hefty shrimp meat that's been marinating in that soup, and you've got the ultimate Tom Yum. Definitely Yum Yum!

I was also lucky enough to get to meet Nanz and Chef Won in person at the Night Market a few days later. Nanz is a beautifully-sweet, young entrepreneur from Thailand that moved here less than 10 years ago to pursue her dream. And well, she is definitely on her way! I love seeing young people, like myself, able to push themselves out of their comfort zones and move to a completely new place to pursue their passion, and also enjoy themselves when they aren't working! She has made many lifelong friends, loves the beach, and even teaches Yoga! You go, girl.

Catch Nanz and Chef Won at Taste this Friday from 10am-230pm for lunch!

Pad Thai

Eggplant Bomb

Crispy Chicken

Spring Rolls

Tom Yum Soup

"Giant Shrimp"

Mango Sticky Rice with the most delicious mango! It wasn't super sweet, instead it had a nice tang to it. Very refreshing!

Panang Curry with Chicken, green beats, eggplant, other veggies.

The walls that surrounded us when we ate in the back of the restaurant. So cool!

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