Thursday, September 8, 2011

Maile's Thai Bistro

I've always loved Thai food since going to school in San Francisco. I'd eat cheap Pad Thai almost every week! Since I came home about 4 years ago, I know I needed to find a good Thai place to get my Pad Thai fix. Hallelujah for Maile's! Getting Pad Thai not too far from my own pad (pun intended!)? Yessir!

My golf buddy (and eating buddy), Grant, is about to leave for undergrad college at Seattle U. He has never had Thai before! Can you believe that?!!?!? So of course, I knew the perfect place to take him!

You first read and heard (my interview) about Maile's Thai Bistro here at The Taste of East Oahu. I have honestly not met a more beautiful, admirable, charming and humble lady than Maile herself. And her food! I always judge a Thai restaurant based on their Pad Thai. Of course Maile's Pad Thai passes the test! More on the moist side with generous amounts of tofu and shrimp (or your choice of meat: beef, pork, chicken). Some places make a really bland and dry Pad Thai, OR my biggest pet peeve: when the noodles are all stuck together!

We also had Masaman Curry, which is reminiscent of a yellow curry, but more on the "hearty side," according to Maile. That it was! After, Grant had mentioned that the curry really filled him up. For me, I absolutely love Thai curry for the use of the coconut milk. I love that spicy, sweet taste. I have more of a liking for that kind of taste rather than a more savory and salty Japanese curry. And sticky rice to go with it...PERFECTION.

Speaking of perfection, I have to say my most favorite part of the meal though, was dessert. I'm not a big sweets person, however, you must, and I repeat MUST try Maile's Thai Crepe. I told myself that I will most likely just skip lunch next time and come for her dessert crepe. It is absolutely delectable, and seems oh-so simple to make! Whatever Maile's secret is, it is working! Her crepe has no filling, just some condensed milk, and finished off with some drizzled chocolate and a scoop of coconut ice cream. Sometimes, the most simple things are the most delicious. No need to waste time on non-essentials!

Thank you, Maile!

Masaman Curry with Chicken

Sticky Rice

Pad Thai!!!!!

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Crepe (cut) with Coconut Ice Cream!!!!!!!

UPDATE! Had these dishes a few days later! Couldn't resist my craving for Maile's.

Minced Beef Salad- Seems like a simple dish, but it's so light and refreshing, though you can hardly finish it! Fills you up! The Beef is flavored with some special Thai spices and lots of cilantro, my fave! You can either cut up the lettuce and mix it up with the beef OR just wrap some minced beef up as a lettuce wrap! It would be GREAT with some hot sticky rice too! 

And lastly, my favorite, Pad Thai...with no bean sprouts! That's the best! Yep, I don't fool around.

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