Monday, April 9, 2012

Mililani Golf Course Oxtail Ramen

My good family friend, Kory, took me to lunch at Mililani Golf Course since he knows I'm always down for some good Oxtail! He raved about the Oxtail Ramen there (more than the Oxtail Soup that I would prefer), so I had to give it a try. He stated that he liked the ramen much more simply because they mix the ramen dashi with the soup of the oxtail. The mixture had more depth.

When it finally arrived (call ahead to preorder if you're in a rush, because they take a long time!), I noticed the Oxtail was just as tender as my favorite Ton Ton Ramen in Waipahu, and the pieces of Oxtail were huge. Kory liked that you could actually "gnaw" on the pieces after, whereas at Ton Ton, he said they cut the pieces to a smaller size.

All in all, I liked their Oxtail very much, but I would order the Oxtail Soup next time. Ramen was good, but there was just so much of it and very little Oxtail. I'd want twice as much Oxtail, no ramen, and LOTS of rice, please!!! Plus, I didn't care much for the mixture of dashi and oxtail soup. Tasted too much like saimin soup. I realize now that if I go to a restaurant that offers Oxtail Soup and Oxtail Ramen, I'm going for the Oxtail Soup. I end up leaving all the noodles and crave more oxtail if I order the ramen!

As for the BEST Oxtail, here's the breakdown:
1. Ton Ton Ramen Or Aiea Bowl
2. Sunrise Restaurant
3. Mililani GC
4. Ramen Nakamura
5. Asahi Grill

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