Monday, May 27, 2013

Pig and the Lady (and some Kona Coast Abalone)

Honomu's most popular- Passion Fruit Butter! So creamy, buttery, and flavorful. You can try as many samples as you'd like, too! See Troy- he's the best!

I didn't want to miss Via Gelato's Li Hing Shiso Sorbetto, and I knew she was going to be at the HNL Farmer's Market Wednesday from 4-7pm. I finished all my errands and headed over. Thank goodness I did; I have a new found love for grilled Abalone and Pig and the Lady! It's funny- these are two vendors I always see, but never order anything. Now, I'm determined to go every Wednesday to order more abalone and see what else Pig and the Lady is offering every week.

My friend, Casey, and I both tried two of Pig and the Lady's sandwiches. One was a Banh Mi French Dip with Pho Au Jus and the other (mine) was a Smoked Bacon Sandwich with a perfectly-cooked fried egg. OMG, heaven in my mouth. Casey and I also ended up literally drinking the Pho Au Jus, and now I must order the Jidori Chicken and Fish Pho this next time! The broth had the perfect combination of both savory and sweet, and my mouth is watering just thinking of it! We also ordered their Weekly Bruschetta since every customer had a plate of it, but for some reason, it just didn't appeal to me. Everyone else loved it, so it must just be me!

Meyer Lemon with Mint and Raspberry Juice, Li Hing Shiso Sorbetto.

Kona Coast Abalone

Banh Mi French Dip- 12 hour roasted brisket, sauteed bean sprouts, thai basil chimmichurri, pho au jus.

Weekly Bruschetta- Avocado Mousse, Charred Corn, Sunflower Seeds

Smoked Bacon- fried egg, garlic chives, ginger-scallion sauce. Look at that oozing egg!!!!!

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