Friday, June 7, 2013

Kauai 2013

Beautiful view in Kekaha

I had the chance to drive around Kauai a lot more this year. I explored Kauai Coffee (because of my recent addiction to coffee), found a renewed love for Dani's Restaurant (their Hawaiian food breakfast is the perfect jump start), explored Hanapepe's Taro Ko Chips "store," went back to an old favorite- Deli and Bread Connection for their Lobsta Roll, and finally tried Verde (just like I said I would!).

Sorry, guys, no Hamura's this time. But read my review from 2011 here!

PS- I missed my chance to visit Glass Beach in Port Allen, but next year, I'm definitely checking it off my list!

Every year, I would meet Dad here for breakfast on our business trip. Not once did I have their Hawaiian breakfast until this year. I was always bored with their menu, but I must've been A) too drowsy from the AM flight to look at the menu or B) Dad has been keeping this a secret from me for some time! I blame Dad. This has become my favorite breakfast place.

Their Beef Stew is more like a tomato-y Hawaiian Stew (not thick like Beef Stew usually is), but it is absolutely flavorful. They have this recipe down pat. So perfect with rice. The meat is tender with small bites of carrot, potato and onion. There's not one drop of soup left when I'm finished with this!

Tell me what other restaurant serves Hawaiian food for breakfast? Their Beef Stew is what they're known for!

 A beat-up old shack is the Taro Ko store. I was hesitant to walk in until I saw some lady walking out with bags of chips!

Walked out with all of these to try!

Stopped by Kauai Coffee on my way to Waimea

Blended Caramel Coffee Smoothie

Tourists watching a movie on the Coffee process

 Free samplings

Add this to the "take home" list

Must. Have. Lobsta. Roll.

An immense amount of lobster meat, mushrooms and CHEESE.

This was the perfect combo- Lobsta Roll and Vanilla Cream Soda!

Verde for FISH TACOS! Located in Kapaa Shopping Center.

Margarita to start.

Seared Rare Ahi Taco and Fresh Catch Taco. Flour tortillas, cabbage, guacamole, corn strips, pico del gallo, aioli. I highly recommend these two tacos! Next I want to try their Garlic Shrimp Tacos!

Night Cap at the hotel

Early morning breakfast back at Dani's!! Kalua Pig, Beef Stew, Rice. All you can drink Coffee.

The last thing before flight back home.

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  1. I've never been to Kauai before and the food looks yummy! :)