Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June HNL Night Market

HNL Night Market has been going on for some time, but this past month's Night Market was my first one! Night Market is a little different from Eat the Street, since the focus is more on Art and Fashion. Located in Honolulu's Kaka'ako, I like to call it our "art district," with its colorful graffitied buildings and venues that give local artists/chefs/creators full range to market their products and display their work.

There is, however, still food. You can expect lots of food vendors, local bands/singers/DJs performing all day and night, a fashion show showcasing a brand/store, a warehouse full of more vendors selling everything from bikinis to jewelry to headwear, and even a sectioned-off Red Bull-sponsored area for all you drinkers out there needing to take the edge off. There was even an early performance from the Red Bull X-Fighter Motocross team who did jumps and tricks off of a ramp. I was impressed by the guy who managed to do a handstand on his bike in the air!

Night Market is located at 683 Auahi Street every 3rd Saturday of the month from 6-11pm. Park in the Eat the Street parking lot for free (555 South St), and walk about a block down to the happenings. Auahi Street is blocked off, plus the neighboring stores all stay open late (Paiko, RND, Taste Table). It was especially nice to have some late night Pho right off the street around 10pm.

We left around 1030pm full of good food, laughs, and too many impulsive buys. Until next month, Night Market!

PS- Check out the X-Fighters video below to see them in action!

Morning Glass' Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts via RND

Miso and Ale's Tater Tots with Vegetable Curry, Chicken Kalbi, and Pork Adobo with a Poached Egg on it! "If you like it, put an egg on it!"

Simply Ono's Loco Moco with Deep Fried Soft Boiled Egg and Gravy

Simply Ono's Lobster Nuggets with Beurre Blanc and Garlic Bread

Soul Patrol's Mac N Feta Cheese with Bacon!

Pop Pop Donuts

Mini Donuts! Half and Half- donuts on the left have lychee sauce while the right is a mix of espresso and sugar! The Espresso/Sugar was the best. Couldn't taste the lychee in the other.

Mark "Gooch" Noguchi's Beef Brisket "Parfait" with Mac Salad at Taste Table!

Vietnamese Restaurant, Insomnia Cafe's sidewalk tent with fresh Pho made to order! Go inside their restaurant for bubble teas and other yummy drinks! I think it somehow tastes better at 10pm!

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