Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yuchun Korean Restaurant

Since my good friend, Brian T. talked about Yuchun's cold black noodles (located right next to Mckinley Car Wash and ProAm), it's been on my list of places to try out. I was definitely noodles in cold, icy soup?! That's a new one.

Then, the perfect day arose for this kind of food. For one, it was one of the hottest days of Summer so far. And two, I was in the area. Needed to do some errands around Ward and three, I needed a car wash badly. So I called Brian and yep, he was up for Yuchun!

We arrived in the small parking lot, and thankfully found some spaces to pull into. Walking in, it was filled with many Koreans and surprisingly, many locals. All seemed to be sipping their cold black noodles- the #1 dish on the menu. So, Brian and I decided on Set A, which came with 2 orders of cold black noodles and Kalbi or Bulgogi. We went for the Kalbi.

Verdict? Definitely refreshing on a hot day. They brought our two bowls out, perfect presentation, then suddenly, the lady asks me (with scissors in her hand) if I want my noodles cut. "Yes," and to my horror, the "perfect presentation" toppled over into the cold soup. This is every food critics' nightmare. Of course I need to take pictures first!!! Thus, I tried to piece everything back together for my picture.

Yuchun's cold black noodles sure filled me up. There's a hefty portion of noodles, the cold broth is flavorful with bits of soft ice throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed the toppings- half a hard-boiled egg, pickled turnip and thin slices of cucumber. I just wish they gave more than one thin slice of meat!

Oh, but don't let me forget the Kalbi! I was secretly hoping we'd order the Bulgogi, but was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the Kalbi. Seasoned well, a good size portion of Kalbi all came out sizzling on a hot plate. It was nice how tender the meat was. Kalbi can easily be very rubbery. But not Yuchun's!

Their Banchan to start

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