Friday, May 25, 2012

Dash Gastropub UPDATED!

I <3 Dash. I really do. Very laid-back, very good service, and I think the food is above par. They've got some unique, gourmet bar food, and I always look forward to trying their Specials.

A good way to describe Dash? Good friend, Kelley, who works there gave me this: "High-end beer and food at bar prices." They also are known for bringing in beers that most places don't have here. You won't see the usual Corona at Dash. Here, they serve Bohemia and other alternatives. Quite refreshing!

I went back for a 3rd time last week Friday with Joe and finally got to sample their hyped-up Green Tea Waffles with Yukari Chicken. So many different flavors in this dish, and honestly, they all work well together. The waffles have a light green tea flavor topped with fried karaage chicken, and drizzled with butterscotch Yuzu sauce. Boy, this sauce is out-of-this-world. Very distinct, citrusy flavor with sweetness from the butterscotch. And then, finally, it's all sprinkled with the saltiness of Yukari flakes. It's a must-try dish!!!

Our second dish was their Chicken Bao Sliders Trio. The first time I had it with all Ginger Chicken, though that night, there were 3 different Bao to try- Char Siu, Ginger Chicken, and Hoisin. I think I still preferred the Ginger Chicken, though. One of my favorite dishes at Dash!

Trio: Char Siu, Ginger Chicken, Hoisin.

Yukari Chicken with Green Tea Waffles with Butterscotch Yuzu drizzle.

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