Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Miyabi Sushi

Jeremy had me all hyped up for this place, Miyabi. I had been here a long, long time ago, but don't remember it being that memorable. I was hoping to give it a second go.

A lot of Japanese seem to come here for the authentic food. It's a small little place with tables and a sushi bar. Very comfy. Parking is located right across the street at Go Bananas or street parking. Look for the spaces that are Miyabi's designated stalls.

The menu is quite extensive. We kept turning the pages and at the end, we were  constantly asking each other, "soooo, what do you want to order?" We finally settled on the Fried Flounder (I was most excited about this), Yamaimo and Maguro, Yellowtail Carpaccio, Conger Eel (Tohei) nigiri, Fried Lotus Root with Mentaiko and Shiso, and ended with Kinako Warabi Mochi.

The Fried Flounder was my favorite- the flounder chunks were meaty and tender, while I finished it off with breaking off pieces of the deliciously-crispy skeleton. It was like eating chips!! The Yamaimo and Maguro dish was quite...different. I'm not a fan of Yamaimo in the first place, just because of its gooey texture. We quickly added in some wasabi and shoyu, which made it just a bit more appetizing. A tiny bit.The Yellowtail Carpaccio was my second favorite. A simple dish of tender hamachi slices in ponzu. Next up, the Fried Lotus Root. It was a unique dish I've never seen before. The Mentaiko definitely salted up the bland taste of the lotus root with a little shiso for freshness. Not my most favorite. My third fave? Dessert!! You can't go wrong with Kinako Warabi Mochi a la modé!

Fried Flounder

Yamaimo and Maguro

Adding Shoyu and Wasabi to the Yamaimo Maguro

Hamachi (Yellowtail) Carpaccio

Monger Eel

Fried Lotus Root, Mentaiko and Shiso

Kinako Warabi Mochi

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