Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cafe Duck Butt

Cafe Duck Butt is located right off of Ward on Kawaiahao Street. Look for that sign above!! They are most known for their flavored soju, namely their Watermelon Soju, served in a big pitted watermelon! But, trust me, there are about 10 other flavors that you must try. And if you're hungry, they have a large menu specializing in Korean food, and might I say, really good Korean food!! I have to say some of the dishes we ordered were better than Angry Korean Lady. Ahhh can't believe I actually said that, but yes, I am in love with their Green Onion Pancake. If you know me and have kept up with my blog, I'm not a fan of onions! But Duck Butt's was thin and really crispy, so much that you could hardly taste the onion. A must-order for me next time!

Other notable dishes? Their Korean Tacos (chicken and Kalbi) were pretty good, but pretty expensive. 3 for $12! I've tasted better at Mai Tai's Taco Tuesdays, and for a lot less moola!

We also tried two other Soju flavors- Melona, which Kelley and I were so excited about, but for me, fell short. Towards the end, I could hardly finish my cup of Melona. Since our food was taking awhile (that's another thing, the food is not the quickest), the cute Hapa waiter brought us Yogurt Soju on the house! Many Yelpers have said that's their favorite, and I know why. It has a little kick to it- they must put in some tonic/soda or sprite in it, bc it has some carbonation. Gives it some depth.

Parking. Now this was less of a hassle than I thought it was going to be. They only have a small parking lot in the back, and it's usually filled, so you may need to find street parking on Ward or Kapiolani. Lucky for Kelley and I, our driver dropped us off while they found parking. Thanks Jeremy!!

And now for the best part! Get there between 5-8pm, and there's Happy Hour! Some flavored Soju is only $13, and there's a whole Happy Hour pupu list menu. We definitely went to town!

PS- There's only a small amount of tables that fill up pretty fast, so call ahead to reserve one.

The infamous Watermelon Soju

Stir-fried Spicy Mochi

Green Onion Pancake!!!!

Melona Soju

Fried Mandoo

Chicken and Kalbi Korean Tacos

Kalbi Quesadilla- SPICY!! Yogurt Soju in the background.

Bamboo Sky top, neon skirt and belt, Steve Madden booties

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