Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I wanted to try Shochan recently when they were featured in the Dining Out section of the newspaper. Kelley met me here for lunch one day around 1230pm, and when we walked in, we were one of three other parties. It's not a cozy, comfortable place. Essentially just a room with tables, no windows, and a little teppanyaki-looking grill in the back. Waiter was patient and polite, though when he went over the menu, they were out of a lot of items. We only had a very small selection of Okonomiyaki styles and sides to add in. Come on! That's what I was looking forward to! They are known for different styles of Okonomiyaki, and we were only offered one of the two! The Kansai was completely out. Also, no udon to add in- only soba.

Our verdict? Kelley and I still prefer Chibo Okonomiyaki located in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. Our Okonomiyaki at Shochan was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary. The décor and ambiance could definitely use some work.

Kansai Style was out. Our only option was the Hiroshima Style.

Kelley ordered hers with cheese and udon; I ordered mine with cheese, udon and shrimp!

Add on your own mayo

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