Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar UPDATED!

I hadn't been back to Salt since August of last year. I knew I needed to return after seeing Tiff's blog post. Brown Butter Gnocchi, Oxtail Empanadas and a Burger with major fixins' like Ali'i Mushrooms and Bleu Cheese? YES PLEASE! Plus, you know how much of a Oxtail fiend I am!

See my original post on Salt here.

Long time friend, Reid, and I went to Salt for their Happy Hour. 5-630pm everyday and all day Sundays. They have great tapas to share and great deals on cocktails and beer. I know that Reid wanted to order from the Happy Hour menu (since they had some great values!), but how could I turn down the Gnocchi and Burger?!!! So, we compromised. $4 Fried Head Cheese from the Happy Hour Menu, Oxtail Empanadas, Gnocchi, and the Maui Cattle Co. Burger with Ali'i Mushrooms and Bleu Cheese. Looking back, I guess there was barely a compromise! I got everything I wanted! Thanks Reido!!

Verdict? The Fried Head Cheese is always a winner. I absolutely love it, and wish they'd give a bigger portion. So good. The Gnocchi and Oxtail Empanada I could have done without. They weren't horrible dishes, they were okay! But, the Maui Cattle Co. Burger?! I definitely understand why it's one of their number one items. Possibly the most delicious burger I have ever laid my taste buds on. I highly recommend ordering it with the mushrooms and bleu cheese. Gives it an extra somethin'!

Did I mention my cocktail was also one of my favorites? So easy to drink I ended up drinking three "Dirty Sprites" during the hour-and-a-half Happy Hour!

The Dirty Sprite

Fried Head Cheese

Inside of the Fried Head Cheese

Oxtail Empanadas

Brown Butter Gnocchi

Delicious, fresh ingredients in the Gnocchi

Hello, Perfectly-Cooked Egg. Hello, Best Burger Ever.

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