Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Menchanko-Tei Keeaumoku

I was so excited when Menchanko-Tei opened a second location on Keeaumoku next to my old nail salon and Fatboy's. Finally, I didn't have to find parking in Waikiki to try this place!

Jeremy and I went here for a casual dinner, since I was tired from golf and wanted an exciting but low-key dinner. Low-key it was, exciting it was not. It was probably, if not, the most anti-climactic food joint we ever went to. Both of us foodies, we were just not impressed.

My original Menchanko-Tei was bland, and tasted like saimin. I liked Jeremy's Miso Menchanko a bit more since it definitely had more flavor. I love to have my noodles with the soup, and slurp both up at the same time. Here, though, I was over it in a matter of minutes and left half of my noodles when we walked out.

Verdict? I know that if I want ramen, I'm definitely going to my faves- Tenkaippin or Yotteko-Ya. End of story.

Chili sauce that gave a bit more flavor to the broth. Only a tiny amount is needed. This isn't like Tenkaippin's garlic-chili sauce where you add as much garlic as you can handle!

Original Menchanko

Miso Menchanko, no seafood!

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