Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arancino Di Mare For My Birthday!

Brian took me to Arancino Di Mare for my Bday dinner. I've always told him how much I enjoyed it the first time seen here, and the very first time at their Beachwalk location here. Take a glimpse at what we ordered this time!

Btw, I regretted not ordering Brian's dish, the Blue Crab Pasta. It was ultra creamy and so tasty with big chunks of crab surrounded throughout. A winner!

My Lobster Pasta was graciously topped with a huge 11-pounder, but the sauce fell short. It seemed essentially just red tomato sauce. I expected a little more. It's more of a head-turner than an epicurean delight.

Almost every single item I've ever ordered at these two locations are sensational. I recommend their Mushroom or Seafood Risotto, Lobster Bisque (below), Spaghetti Alla Pescatora, Crab Meat Pasta (below), Owner's Favorite Pizza (Shrimp and Cheese Pizza), Clams, Limoncello Tonic and their Affogato!

Lobster Bisque- SO creamy and delicious. I didn't want to share!! Definitely a must-order again.

Avocado and Shrimp Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Spaghetti Astice- An 11lb Whole Main Lobster served in its shell over Pasta

Spaghetti Granchio e Zucchini- Blue Crab Meat Pasta

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