Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Birthday Gung Gung!

Yep, today's the first unofficial day of Summer! Yeehaw!!! Summer sparks all kinds of feelings I'm looking forward to- many sunny beach days, biting into fresh fruits, short shorts and tank tops, picnics and BBQs, vacations, and summer flings. I always love that Don Henley song, Boys of Summer, that The Ataris eventually remade years down the road.

So, what did my weekend consist of? It started off slow, but eventually, I was running around to different BBQs and events on Sunday. Let's just say, there was A LOT of eating involved. Can you ask for a better weekend?!

Freshly-cut, cold mango! And, if you have extras, freeze it!

My EIGHT layer dip! The secret is in the crushed up Fritos! Gives it an extra crunch.

Shenanigans of the night...Oops? Don't worry, it's got a Lifeproof case...see here!

Shuckin' oysters

Watermelon Soju from this place!

Happy 11th Birthday, my little one! She's still so young at heart :)

Paws and Keds

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