Monday, January 30, 2012

Yogurstory Brunch

Brian and I were able to get in a quick lunch one day. He asked for "something healthy," and wanted to break his bad habit of McDonald's breakfasts. Also, it had to be somewhere in the Ward/Ala Moana area. Okay, I could definitely work with that!

First thing to pop in my head- Yogurstory!! I like their wide menu full of salads, sandwiches, breakfast items, coffee and tea items, not to mention one of my favorites and one of their most popular items- the Fat Pig fried rice!

I haven't visited in months, but they have made some nice changes- the new and improved menu, which has a new look (no more booklet anymore), and also more items to choose from! It has really become a nice lunch/brunch spot for families, students, business people, friends, couples....ANYONE, to come and chill out for a bit. They also transformed their hardly-used yogurt bar into a full alcohol bar, and now have a Happy Hour! Yogurstory has really done some great revamping. I like your style, Yogurstory!

I was also tempted to have their Fat Pig Fried Rice Special (seen here) once again, but when the waitress came back with my drinks, I immediately changed my order to their Hurricane Rice Bowl, which is basically Bi Bim Bap. I'm so glad I changed my mind, though! It was delicious with its crispy fried rice, veggies, beef and an egg with a gooey center to top it all off! I know Brian was completely jealous when his "healthy" Spinach Salad arrived, plus he was unimpressed with the dry inedible side grilled chicken he added onto it. $4 down the drain! Other than the chicken, I think his salad was okay...don't know if he'd order it again, though I'd highly recommend the Hurricane Rice Bowl for sure! The waitress did mention the Hurricane Rice Bowl and the Fat Pig Fried Rice are their two top items.

As for those Red Velvet Waffles you're probably drooling over above, those were actually really moist and tasty. Not a big fan of Red Velvet cake, I was hesitant to order it over the Sweet Potato or their Dolce De Leche Waffles! It's also drizzled with chocolate, which I'm also not a fan of. BUT turns out, it was a nice dessert and it wasn't heavy or too cakey. Had the light consistency of waffles! Plus, the taro cream cheese was absolutely delectable. I think it made the waffles. More of the taro cream cheese, please!!!

Strawberry Italian Soda- looks pretty and yummy, but it wasn't sweet enough!

Spinach Salad

Hurricane Rice Bowl

Nice surprise of crispy fried rice underneath!


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  1. Bummer about B's chicken. It's amazes me that people can screw up chicken. lol.. It's a simple protein to cook.

    BUT, your Hurrican Bowl looks freakin' delish!!! I HEART Bibimbap with a passion. One of my favorite dishes to eat and prepare! I once made it and forgot the egg. It wasn't the same. :( Never again will I forget about the EGG!! hehehe.

    xx Love & Aloha