Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roy's Hawaii Kai UPDATED!

I usually love Roy's, but this last time we went, the food seemed a bit off. The Frying Dragon Roll that I love was unusually over-fried and a bit burnt, plus the Chocolate Soufflé's middle was not its usual oozy and gooey self. I'll let this one slide, Roy's!

Besides that, Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed one of my favorites- the Washington Steamed Manila Clams and literally soaked up every bit of soupy sauce with multiple orders of bread. And the Miso Butterfish is always a winner.

Roy's Edamame to start

Triple Play Roll

Washington Steamed Manila Clams

Frying Dragon a little TOO fried

Seafood Trio- Opah, Salmon and Blackened Ahi

Miso Butterfish with black rice

Overcooked Chocolate Soufflé

Upstair's décor

Chairs in the elevator...YES PLEASE!
Bamboo Sky'd it up with a Bamboo Sky button-down and Bamboo Sky side-tie shorts, Promiscuous heels.


  1. Mmmmm chocolate souffle! nom nom nom. I haven't dined at Roy's for almost two years! I may need to ask the Pirate to take me there this weekend.. at least for some cocktails and that chocolate oooeeey goooeeeyness! mmm. Bummer that yours wasn't as gooey. :(

    And look at you, you little hottie. Those shorts are super rad with the tie bottoms!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. I agree that lately Roys in HK has been "off" or not quite on par with prior visits there. I don't know if it's the cooks or that they don't have enough of them but they need to step it up a little and get their groove back. With the price you pay to eat there, it should be perfection EVERY time! haha. :)

  3. Yummmm miso butterfish! I love your outfit!!! Super cuteeee, love those shorts :)

  4. girl you eat so well, i'm jealous. and i miss dressing up to go out and eat! love the outfit ; )