Friday, January 6, 2012

Ramen Ya (Hawaii Kai Location)

Finally, a ramen shop in Hawaii Kai! This is not only a long time wish of mine, but a huge relief! I have to admit Hawaii Kai needed a bit of spice/flair added to the restaurant scene. With the same 'ol same 'ol Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Kona Brewery, L&L, Bale, McDs, Zippy's, and Pa'ina, eating out in HK was getting so mundane.

I looked forward to Ramen Ya opening for months. I was so giddy when I saw the sign. Finally, about a month or two ago, it opened!

After work one day, I decided to go for a nice, quiet ramen lunch before I went home. Arrived there, and quickly realized that was not the case! Lots of tables bustling inside, plus about 3-4 different families and groups waiting outside! I waited about 30-40 minutes to finally be seated, stomach rumbling.

Good friend, Joe, came to eat as well. What'd we order? Of course I had to get the Big Bowl Ramen, which included everything from slices of chicken katsu to hard boiled egg to bamboo shoots to corn to charsiu to seaweed to fishcake...the list goes on. That bowl was GIGANTIC. Joe was a little more conservative and decided on their Wonton Ramen. He finished everything, while I went home with a LARGE doggy bag! Oh and don't let me forget side of pan fried gyoza for us to share as well!

Everything was delicious, though next time I'll probably stick to their Gomoku Ramen which included everything the Big Bowl had except katsu and the LARGE bowl. I would definitely order their gyoza again, and I also want to try some of their fried rice options! Pick from Shrimp Fried Rice to Chicken Fried Rice, Pork Fried Rice or even Kim Chee Fried Rice! Yum!!

What I really like about Ramen Ya is the variety of menu items. Take Goma Tei. They only serve two basic types of Ramen- Tan Tan and Shoyu, whereas Ramen Ya has a whole menu to choose from ranging from different toppings to different broths to cold or hot noodles to curry to fried rice and even combo sets! All at very reasonable prices!

 Btw, this is a very loyal-supporter-of-the-blog's mama's place! Lianne, it was great!

We were seated at the bar, where I could watch them prepare everything!

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  1. I like Ramen Ya. The portions are gigantic and I can never finish, so I always share with the Pirate. I like going between 2pm - 5pm for the free gyoza too. heheehe. I love free food!

    xx Love & Aloha