Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tenkaippin's Newest Ramen, Tan Tan!

Now, you all know I love me some goooood ramen! Bf Brian really likes Tan Tan, and I had never tried Tenkaippin's, so what better time to take a trip there! I had my usual thick and creamy Kotteri pictured here, and Brian had the Tan Tan. He's not a fan of spicy foods, but ordered anyway. I have to warn you all, it doesn't taste too spicy at first, but it sure does add up! He ended up leaving some noodles just because his mouth was on fire. The broth is oh-so tasty though! If it was more on the milder side, I think I might even order it occasionally. I enjoyed it much more than Goma Tei's Tan Tan.

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