Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Azure Restaurant

I'm sure for most of you your holiday break was busily spent at parties, with lots of wine and champagne, food galore, and of course, family and friends. That's how mine began and ended! I felt like I hardly opened my laptop to check email and work stuff, which ultimately felt amazing.

Well.....back to reality! Back to the daily grind.

I have some posts to catch up on since my full belly and major kanak attacks (the sleepy feeling you have after eating a big, delicious meal) kept me from updating my blog more frequently.

Here goes...!

My foodie friend, Jeremy, took me for a nice Xmas present surprise to Azure, located in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The Royal Hawaiian is also known as the "Pink Hotel," and was one of the first established hotels in Waikiki. It's known for its highly romantic and luxurious vibe. As for Azure, I've heard many good things about this place and seen delectable pictures of the food, but never had the chance to eat there. Thanks Jeremy for this treat!

My favorite? The Kiawe-Smoked Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef Filet. Tender Wagyu layered with creamy Foie Gras with the faint hint of smokiness. So rich, but one of my all-time favorites. I would definitely order it again.

Since I've been on some crazy seafood binge lately, I went with the Seafood Risotto for my main meal, equipped with all kinds of fresh seafood including a sweet, juicy lobster tail, prawns, clams, and scallops topped with sliced grape tomatoes. For such a heavy, rich dish, I think the grape tomatoes really balanced it out. You could also really taste the saffron flavor in the risotto. It was different. I still prefer Arancino Di Mare's Seafood Risotto.

Did I mention that service was above par? Our waiter was always at our beck and call, and made sure everything was perfect. He even brought us two desserts! One was a mistake, but we enjoyed it anyway. I'm not a big chocolate fan, but Waialua Flourless Chocolate Cake tasted like fudge! Very dense and decadent.

Bamboo Sky dress and belt, Sam Edelman booties, Wishing Bridge earrings, Asos leather jacket

Wagyu Beef and Foie Gras

Fresh Fish- Onaga

Azure Ocean Risotto

Waialua Flourless Chocolate Cake

Hawaiian Vanilla Bean Panacotta


  1. My sis treated us to Azure back in April. I freakin' love that place....... I wanna go back!!

    Happy New Year, Kim. Hope you had a great time celebrating. Bummed I didn't make it to Oahu last month, but hopefully soon. Can't wait to grab a bite together!!

    Cheers to 2012!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. You look fly girlfriend! Loveeee your asos jacket... could I borrow? Hehe. Hope you had a good new years!!