Monday, January 9, 2012

Assaggio's Clam Casino

Now I have to say that Assaggio's is much higher on my favorite foods/restaurants list, but I never know what to order! I just haven't found a favorite.


My goodness, if you love clams as much as I do, you should do yourself a favor and order the Fresh Clams Casino. Angel hair pasta with succulent fresh clams served in a white wine and butter sauce topped with garlic, bacon, onion and fresh basil. Pictured is the Large Portion, and boy is it! I do love the amount of clams topped on here. Most places only serve 5-6, but this was a big, healthy portion. So delicious! Everyone oohed and ahhed at my dish!!

PS- I added artichokes too!


  1. I love Assagios. The clams casino is delicious!!

  2. The portion is huge! I think it is the best food I've ever saw. This summer I plan to go there and hope that the food will be delicious too