Friday, January 13, 2012

Phuket Thai (Ward Location)

Kristen and I love thai food, and whenever she comes home to visit, we usually have at least one of our lunches at Phuket Thai. My usual order consists of Thai Iced Tea and Shrimp Pad Thai (very moist!). This time, I ordered my usual plus their Tom Kha soup (Thai Coconut soup). I absolutely loved it! I love anything prepared with coconut milk!! For your preference, you can request to have it mild, medium or spicy and also have a choice of chicken, pork or shrimp to be included.

Kristen ordered the Red Curry (medium spice), but boy was it way too spicy for my taste!!! I could hardly have a second serving of it! Options include Bamboo Shoots or Eggplant and also Chicken/Pork or Shrimp. Other favorite Thai Curries of mine include Panang Curry or their Yellow Curry, but trust me, you won't go wrong with any from Phuket Thai!

Lunch was great, and we were surely filled up and ready for a fun day full of Ward-area shopping! I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner if you're in the area.

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