Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kirin Restaurant

Since Brian and I are both of Chinese ethnicity, we both have our own favorite Chinese restaurants and favorite dishes. I was brought up on Hee Hing and Duk Kee, and Brian was brought up on a lot of Kirin Restaurant. He was craving his favorites from there one night, so we decided to go!

Kirin is located on University and South Beretania Street by Jiffy Lube and Burger King. No street parking? Don't worry, they have their own small lot (free!!) and also more spaces in another lot a little ways down. So convenient and easy!! You may see a pay box, but if you're dining at Kirin, it's free!

When we walked in, Kirin was poppin'! We went on a Monday, and the place was buzzing with local families, asian internationals and japanese tourists. Throughout dinner, I realized just how many commercial buses stop here to drop off tourists. I knew it was one of the best Chinese restaurants on the island, but I didn't realize how popular it was! This is the place to go to for traditional Chinese food and Dim Sum. Actually, wait...Legends for Dim Sum, of course! ;)

Being it was only my second or third time eating at Kirin and had only dined on their Dim Sum before, I was eager to try something different! It was nice to leave the ordering up to someone else for once...Thanks, B!

Did I mention we ordered 5 dishes for 2 people? Yep, we left with stomachs full and with absolutely no room for Almond Float!

Beef Broccoli- Broccoli was tender yet still a little crunchy...the way it should be! And the beef was tender and marinated well, but Brian said it should have been sliced thinner.

Sweet and Sour Pork- I have to admit this was my favorite dish of the night. I liked the fact that the pork skin was so crispy underneath all of that yummy sauce! I like the crunch! Usually it can be very rubbery and soft.

Brian's fave! Stuff the minced meat and chives in the crispy sesame pockets!

Two kinds of dumplings- one boiled and one pan-fried. Both were very plump and filled with a mix of chives and juicy meat.

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