Sunday, January 8, 2012


It's funny how I have totally switched from being not a pasta lover to completely craving pasta on a weekly basis. When asked what my favorite food is, I usually answered with "anything Japanese. Sushi, Ramen, Teishoku, Udon, Miso Butterfish etc etc." And pasta/Italian was never high on my was actually in last place. But recently, I think Pasta has really won over my heart. Or should I say, stomach?

My best friends (friends since 7th grade!) Kristen, Nick, and Patrick, finally came home over Xmas Break, and we were all able to get together for a quick lunch at the very last minute. (Read here for the last time THREE of us were able to catch up) Thank you, guys, for making it work!! It is very unusual for all four of us to be together at the same time in the same state. What a nice holiday treat!

Of course, it was my duty to find a nice lunch place for all of us to eat, chat and catch up for awhile. While Shirokiya popped into my head, I settled on Angelo Pietro's. I believe some of them hadn't ever been here. I figured, "how can you go wrong with millions of pasta options?"

While they all settled on different things, I ordered my usual Seafood Peperoncini Wasabi Sauce, and finished the entire plate like a champ. We also ordered the Raw Potato Salad which everyone except Nick enjoyed. Haha. 

All in all, everyone loved what they ordered and it was nice to catch up on everyone's lives. There were lots of laughs and smiles that day. The best Xmas present ever.

Nick's Bolognese

Kristen changed from her usual order of a Salad to a Mushroom/Olive/Pepperoni Pizza! Yum!
Pat's Mushroom Pasta with Shoyu Garlic Sauce. I would order this!!

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