Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pineapple Room UPDATED!

You first read about one of my favorite restaurants for lunch here. I wanted to update you with some recent pics from a Xmas eve lunch and shopping trip with Mom.

First off, I never got to post a pic of my most favorite Plantation Iced Tea ever. I usually order a half carafe, which is sufficient enough for lunch. If you want a full carafe, you can take the extra in a to-go cup! Many people come here just to buy the Plantation to go, while they shop around Macy's. So convenient!

Other pics include their Original Burger, which Mom ordered for the first time, and said it was one of the top burgers she's had. I think her #1 is W&M ;)

Also snapped are a variety of colorful drinks that were so interesting to watch being prepared. Btw, sitting at the bar is the most convenient, most fast and most entertaining way to eat here. I highly suggest it more than sitting at a table!

Bread and Aioli! One of the best things about dining here!

Kalua Pig BLT

Waiwera Water

Macy's shoppin'

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  1. I have a confession. I've never ate or drank at the Pineapple Room. Ahh, don't hit me. I know, "What kind of local person are you!" After reading your post, I totally regret not trying the Pineapple Room.