Thursday, January 19, 2012

Indigo Happy Hour

BFF Kristen and I love heading downtown for either Brasserie Du Vin, Bamboo Two, or JJ Dolan's Happy Hour. We used to love going to Indigo, but a couple times we went there, drinks were not as tasty and the menu was shortened to a list of martinis we didn't find appetizing.

We decided to give it another try since it had been awhile!

From 4-8pm Tues-Friday, they have a wonderful $4 Martini menu ($3 Beers) with over 30 Martinis to choose from. They also have a great $6 pupu menu with a variety of different food items to snack on. Non-Happy Hour, Martinis are $7.

What's to hate, right? Well, for one, the parking cost (if you can't find street parking) is ridiculous. Park in Mark's Garage for $8 OR they have a Happy Hour deal for $4 if you park outside the garage (the small lot that has a pay box off of Nuuanu Street). Parking spaces are not always guaranteed in the street lot, but it sure is a much less expensive option.

Another (BIG) negative? We ordered a $6 special suggested to us by our waitress. $6 would give us 2 Kalua Pig Sliders with a bunch of fries. We just wanted a small bite, so this was a great deal for the price, we thought. Once it was brought out, it looked great! To our surprise though, Kristen took a bite only to find something obnoxious stuck in her teeth. Come to find out it was two bristles from the BBQ sauce brush! Imagine if she had swallowed that! They immediately apologized, comped us the meal and had another slider made for her. I proceeded with caution when finishing up my slider..........

So that's our experience with Indigo. Martinis were delicious (I had a Double Happiness- Skyy Raspberry Vodka, Malibu Rum, Cranberry and Fresh Lime, while KZ had a Lychee Martini that she really enjoyed) and our waitress was really peppy and accommodating.

I would definitely come here again........for drinks only!

Check here for the Martini Menu and other menus!

Kalua Pig Sliders with crunchy fries, corn salsa and BBQ sauce

LOADED with radicchio


  1. OOOH, poor Kristen. Luckily, it got caught on her teeth. I've never ate at Indigo and maybe I won't try it. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to stick with my JJ's. LOL I'm one classy gal. Just kidding.