Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Favorites of Kona Kai

Mmmm Otoro!!

After going to Kona Kai multiple times, I've finally got it down on what items from the menu and even the Omakase are my favorite. Check out my posts on their Omakase HERE and other KK posts HERE and HERE.

Pictured below are my most favorite things from their menu. Enjoy, and be sure to check out Kona Kai if you haven't yet!!

Umeshu on the rocks

Baby Calamari

Can't go to Kona Kai without getting their Bintoro Ponzu

Otoro and Bintoro

Otoro ahhhh!

Hotate with salt, lemon, and Yuzu. SO delicious. A must get.

Takenoko Fry- fried Bamboo Shoots with Ume to dip

Santa Barbara UNI!! What Uncle Steve calls "Ocean Ice Cream!"


Marinated Ikura!

Slabs of Ankimo with what I believe is Unagi sauce on top

Tai with Smoked Rainbow Trout Caviar!

Sake Bomb!!

Plus more Sake...

Sake with a slight hint of green apple. $25 a bottle

Waited a long time to try this- "Three Wisemen"- Uni, Ikura and Mirugai. I love everything except the Mirugai. It added a crunchy, snappy texture to this.

Dessert- Ending the night with a Sake Bomb!

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