Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kona Kai Omakase

I wasn't lying when I said to look forward to Kona Kai's Omakase! It is an amazing 14 dish Omakase to receive. I think they would've kept serving us more, but I was so stuffed that we told them to stop. It seemed like the good stuff kept coming towards the end, but I was glad they served Otoro for our third course!

Price? I'd estimate it to be $150-200 depending on how many dishes you can put in your tummy!

Umeshu on the rocks and Chrysanthemum Sake ($30 per SMALL bottle)

1st dish: Moi with ponzu, negi, oroshi, and dried miso

Baby Calamari stuffed with blue crab and drizzled with unagi sauce- one of Kona Kai's most popular dishes

Two buttery pieces of OTORO!!!

Hirame, Tai with smoked rainbow trout caviar. Amazing smoky flavor adds some real depth to the fish.

Shima Aji, Hamachi

I requested Engawa to be added into our Omakase. One per person. I wish they seared it a bit more. When served with a slight sear like this, it has a more snappy and crunchy texture. When seared more, it is melt-in-your-mouth. It was perfect at Gaku- see HERE.

Moi (not pictured because I ate it already!), Salmon with white kelp and sesame seed

Hokkaido Scallop (Hotate) with yuzu, kosho, salt and lemon- One of my favorites! Ultra tender, sweet. The citrus-y Yuzu adds so much flavor to it, and actually enhances the sweetness. Pictured on the right is Snow Crab with Kani Miso.

South African Rock Lobster- another one of Kona Kai's popular dishes.

Botan Ebi with Uni, Ao Ebi with flying fish roe, and Langoustine with dried Ume.

Katsuo and Mirugai

Washington State Oysters- baked and raw

Ikura marinated in Dashi, Ankimo, and Santa Barbara Uni. Ikura was amazing. Pops the second you put it in your mouth, and the dashi marination makes it ultra smoky, salty, and sweet all in one!

Kinmedai (not pictured because I ate it!), Isaki, and Nodoguro

Omakase comes with a scoop of ice cream- choose from Green Tea, Coffee or Mac Nut

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