Sunday, August 18, 2013

More HNL Farmer's Market

Via Gelato Cantaloupe Sorbetto

These pics are from a few weeks back at the HNL Farmer's Market. Every time I go, I have to go to the Pig and the Lady booth. I am most impulsive about it. See HERE for more Pig and the Lady. I've tried everything from their Curry to Oxtail Pho to their Smoked Bacon Banh Mi, and have seriously loved every piece of Vietnamese food they serve.

This time, I also tried some Poke from one of the booths. We bought Limu Mac Nut Poke and also Spicy Ahi. It tasted great at the time, but later that night, a bottom portion of my lip swelled up. I believe it was because there was a lot of MSG in the Ahi.......never buying or eating that again!!

I also got to try a cup of Sweet Potato Fries. Crunchy, thick slices of orange and purple (Okinawan) Sweet Potatoes topped with a little sea salt. I found the orange sweet potato fries to be more crisp, while the Okinawan sweet potato slices were more on the mushy side. Still, a very delicious and healthy snack!

As for dessert, well, you can't (or at least I can't) leave the Farmer's Market without taking home a pint of Via Gelato or buying a cone of it. This time, I left with a cone of Cantaloupe- currently one of my favorite flavors, plus I have a pint of it in the fridge right now! I love love love her flavors- always unique and ultra-refreshing. She only uses fresh, local produce to make her gelato and sorbetto. Follow her on Instagram to see where her truck is at during the day and night (@viagelatohawaii)!

Sweet Potato Fries

Poke $7

Pig and the Lady's Pho Chay (Meatless Pho)- Aloha Tofu, Shiitake Mushrooms, Hamakua Oyster Mushrooms, "Faux" Meatballs, Dried White Tremella Mushrooms. The stock is made of only assorted vegetables and their normal secret Pho spices. And the best part? NO MSG, NO FISH SAUCE, NO MEAT = 100% vegetarian, for all you vegetarians out there! And trust me, the broth was still AMAZING.

Crab Summer Rolls with Avocado, Pickles, Vermicelli, and Herbs

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