Friday, August 23, 2013

Scoop Hawaii

Scoop Hawaii has been on everyone's Instagram lately. I knew I had to make a trip to Kalihi soon to try these darn Ice Cream Sandwiches. It reminded me of LA's Diddy Riese, and I yearned to have something like that in Hawaii.

Located across Farrington HS Auditorium, it is a little shop on North King Street. A bit hard to find, and no parking really. I had to illegally park in the small grocery mart next door.

So, the verdict? Pretty expensive, and not anything like Diddy Riese! Wasn't Diddy Riese like $1.50 per ice cream sandwich a couple years ago?! I got these two sandwiches and total came out to $9.50. And the sad thing is I threw half away.

On the upside, the best was the macarons with green tea ice cream. The Macaron was perfectly chewy, just the way I like it! I didn't care too much for their Salted Caramel flavor or the Oatmeal Raisin cookie.

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