Saturday, July 20, 2013


Bintoro Ponzu. Always a MUST for me when I go to Kona Kai.

You have to bear with me. These delicious Kona Kai pics are from awhile back, BUT please check back soon for a post on Kona Kai's Omakase! I would highly recommend the Omakase to try at least once. You won't regret it. It was so damn good that we went back for a second time in the same week!

Also, please be aware that Kona Kai has since moved to Waialae Ave since my first post HERE.

So how do I rate Kona Kai against other sushi joints? Well, I would have to say that Gaku and Kona Kai are my top 2. To me, I think it is the closest to Japan sushi you will ever get. Always fresh and the flavor combinations are top notch. I always "oooh and ahhh" when I first bite into the Otoro.

My only gripe is that Kona Kai is not cheap. You are paying for high grade fish and other cuts, but trust me, it is SO worth it! You know that it's good when I go TWICE in one week!

Don't forget to call ahead for reservations- it is a smaller restaurant!

Stay tuned for MORE Kona Kai coming up next!

Another time and another order of Bintoro Ponzu

Soft Shell Crab Roll with Ahi, Salmon, and Hamachi on top!


Blue Tama Roll- Unagi, Blue Crab, Tamago, Aioli, and Unagi Sauce

South African Rock Lobster- SO small but a must try.

Spicy Ahi Poke Chips! Probably the most delicious and least expensive dish on the menu. $6!!

Baby Calamari stuffed with Blue Crab and topped with Unagi Sauce. This is one of my favorites!!!

Oysters on the half shell!

Seafood Dynamite



Blue Crab, Marinated Ikura, Toro and Maguro
Coffee and Green Tea ice cream to end!

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