Thursday, August 1, 2013

Frisco Trip Day 2!

Of course this post starts off with Peanut Butter Egg Puffs! There have been a lot of egg puff places popping up in Honolulu, but I am and will be forever loyal to Genki Crepes located on San Francisco's Clement Street. I have not found any other place that makes Peanut Butter-flavored egg puffs!

Day 2 consisted of walking around some of our favorite spots that we always used to frequent during our college days. Clement Street, Japantown, and Fillmore are just some of our most cherished and adored neighborhoods. Lots of memories formed here!

Tara's old Bakery that she used to work at- Schubert's! Amazingly-intricate cakes and pastries plus coffee.

Swedish Princess Cake- White cake layers with Raspberry and Kirsch Custard filling, Whipped Cream and Marzipan icing.

Osakaya in Japantown for lunch. One of my all time favorites. Their lunch Specials are great, and inexpensive!

Yakiniku and Unagi Lunch Special for $11.95. Comes with Unagi on Rice, Yakiniku Beef, Miso Soup and Tsukemono.

After being so stuffed from the night before at Lolinda (see HERE), I decided to have a quiet night in with delivery from my favorite SF fast food, King of Thai! It is inexpensive, fast, and oh-so satisfying whether you are inebriated or just in the mood for some good Thai.

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