Thursday, August 22, 2013

Young's Fish Market After Dark

I was lucky enough to be invited over to YFM After Dark, and cooked for by the Chef himself, Daniel Young!

Young's Fish Market first seen HERE is where our family has always bought our Hawaiian food, especially their Lau Lau. Whether it's their delicious Butterfish Lau Lau or their smoky Kalua Pig OR their Turkey Tails that my Dad loves, it's great to buy for out-of-town guests, for a regular dinner at home, or I like to take it frozen to the mainland for my friends craving Hawaiian food!

While Daniel isn't busy running the store, he also loves to cook! It takes a special person to be at work all day cooking and managing, then being able to go home and cook a feast for the people he loves. All the while, enjoying it. Now that is a gift. Not to mention, Daniel has a repertoire of culinary knowledge that he's learned for over a decade.

So what'd he cook? What was the verdict? Daniel presented us with Prosciutto-wrapped Halibut with a Saffron Risotto with mushrooms and parmesan sprinklings. Not to forget, a nice Red to go with this hearty meal. Portion-wise, it was A LOT. Definitely a healthy portion of food. I could barely finish half the fish, though it was cooked perfectly. See pic below. The Prosciutto was a little too crisp and firm for my liking- I like it in its natural state- oily, paper-thin, and fatty! However, I do think it was the fatty Prosciutto and Daniel's skillful timing that kept the Halibut so immaculately moist.

My favorite? The Risotto! I'm pretty picky with my Risotto, and have only really cared for HASR's Osso Buco and Risotto seen HERE. Until now. Wow, amazingly creamy risotto with a slight tinge of saffron. The flavor was complex and it had more depth than most I've tasted. I love that it was topped with mushrooms and parm, but only wished it was topped with more of that! I'm a lover of mushrooms and cheese for sure! Thank goodness I was able to take some home in a doggy bag as I had the Risotto for the next couple mornings. What a delicious, gourmet breakfast!

Oh, and if you think that's the end of the meal, you're mistaken. This kid doesn't mess around. Lemon Sorbetto homemade with lemons from his garden! It was a light, refreshing finish to a heavy, rich meal. It's all about balance, right? I delighted in the tart, icy treat that went flawlessly hand-in-hand with a slice of Diamond Head Grill's Lemon Crunch Cake that I had brought.

It was a sublime meal by such an accomplished Chef, and you can see his love for cooking in his food. It shows.

Hopefully, YFM After Dark will get going soon. After Dark will give Daniel the creative space to design anything he thinks up and desires, and honestly, I can't wait to see what else is in store!
For now, you'll just have to enjoy the meal below. It was definitely something to remember.

But don't fret, I will definitely keep you updated on plans for After Dark in the future!

Prosciutto-wrapped Halibut on a bed of roasted veggies

Saffron Risotto with Mushrooms and Parmesan

The finished product! Look at the presentation and vivid colors on the plate. A true artist.

A thick cut of Halibut- moist and soft meat

Lemon Sorbet with lemon slices and mint from his garden


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