Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sweet Foodie Treats

Summer's over, but the days are still extremely hot and muggy. Sometimes you just need something refreshing to cool down. Check out Samurai's strawberry and vanilla soft serve.....with Lihing Smack Pop spoons! These things are about a month old, and oh-so ingenious. It's basically a li hing mui flavored lollipop spoon, and goes so well with the Samurai ice cake. Perfect combination!

Horchata Frappucino from Starbucks- special order- not on menu.

Slush Float from Rainbow Drive Inn!

Samurai's Soft Serve

Heijouen's Ice Cream- Vanilla Bean with caramel and Red Velvet. Cream Cheese Ice Cream with bits of Red Velvet Cake. I don't care for Red Velvet Cake, but this was light and refreshing!

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