Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last Day of Onda Pasta @ Taste

Vongole Fritte- Breaded and fried Clams served with Garlic Paprika Aioli- $4

Today was unfortunately the last day to get your Onda Pasta at Taste Table. It will be the last Tuesday you will see them, other than at the Ala Moana Farmer's Market on Tuesday from 4-7pm and Saturday from 8am-noon, and then again on Thursdays at the Kailua Farmer's Market from 4-7pm. Boooooo. I will definitely miss their awesome stuffed 'shrooms and fried clams, not to mention, fresh and homemade pasta. See my first, second, and third post.

Keep me updated on what you guys will be doing next, Jessica!

Who's next up at Taste Table? We will just have to wait and see! Stay tuned! For now, let's drool (and cry) over these tantalizing Onda Pasta's pics. We'll see you soon, Onda!

3 orders of Gorgonzola Stuffed Mushrooms! Baked Cremini Mushrooms stuffed with Gorgonzola and Hawaiian Fresh Farms Honey. Served with Toasted Bread. $5

Uni Pasta- $13

3 orders!!!!!

The Tiber Catch- Seared Opah, caramelized onions, pupukea greens and caper funnel aioli on a ciabattina roll. Roman Nightlife sandwich! $10

Puttanesca- Tagliatella in a tomato sauce with black olives, capers, and chili flakes. You can sub for Roman Style Gnocchi. Pasta is $11, Gnocchi $10

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