Friday, July 19, 2013

Onda Pasta's Uni Pasta and Vongole Fritte!

Here we go again with the Uni Pasta! This time, at Onda! They do not always have it on the menu, so I was lucky enough to go on a day they were serving it and get it before they sold out. Woohoo!

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Let me first go over what Grant and I ordered. Two Strawberry Italian Sodas to start, then an order of the Vongole Fritte, Uni Pasta, and Italian Loco Moco. I was so excited for the Uni Pasta, but to be honest, it was completely and utterly overshadowed by their Vongole Fritte. HOMG, how amazing is this stuff!? Onda's version are breaded and fried clams served with garlic paprika aioli. Now I was told to get two orders of this, but we went with one when we first ordered. When that came out (and only 3 clams were presented for just two of us), we tried one each and our eyes got big and lit up. After fighting over (just kidding) the last one, we just decided to get another order. It was that delicious. Honestly if they had a pasta dish with a bunch of these lightly breaded and fried clams, I would order that every time, no questions asked. Onda Pasta, if you're reading this, PLEASE PLEASE consider!!

As for the Uni Pasta, what can I say? Duh, delicious too. Let me just say that everything I've had from Onda has been exceptional. The Uni Pasta was definitely on the lighter side with uni mixed in, but I also love the touch of sweet cherry tomatoes. Adds a bit more dimension to a typical dish of just Uni, cream and pasta.

Vongole Fritte

Loco Moco

Crack that baby open and let it ooooooze!

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