Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yakiniku Don-Day

Second time at Don-Day. Ordered Pork Belly and Marinated Kalbi ala carte

I've been so spoiled by Japanese Yakiniku (insert Heijouen) that I forgot about Korean Yakiniku! This isn't All You Can Eat- it's better. Since being spoiled by the service, quality of meat, and outdoor ambiance of Don-Day, I can't seem to go back to those All You Can Eat places anymore. Not that they aren't good, but the quality of meat at Don-Day is so top notch.

Don-Day is located in the parking lot of Keeaumoku Korean Supermarket, Fatboy's and Menchanko-Tei. You can't miss them- Don-Day is the outside seating restaurant that is lit up with Christmas lights at night! I love it!! Not only is it pretty, but the weather is absolutely perfect right now, and you don't walk out smelling like Yakiniku.

Another thing I love- the Pork Belly aka Samgyeopsal Gui! It is ultra-tender and tasty on its own- no need sauce. You also don't need to worry about grilling it perfectly, because the waiters and waitresses do it for you! I was really amazed by the A+ service there- attentive and great multi-taskers!!

After going there twice (in one week), I highly recommend their Pork Belly, Kim Chee Fried Rice AND taking a Korean with you (Thank you, Brian!! You are the master of good Korean food!). Trust me, they know their stuff! If you go with one other person, Combo A is the perfect thing to choose. Comes with a ton of food for only $50. First time I went, we got Combo A with fresh Pork Belly (they also have Herb Wine marinated Pork Belly), Brisket, Tongue, Seafood Soybean Pot (or choice of Fried Mandoo), and Tofu Soup. Yes, seriously all of this for $50. PLUS the Banchan!! Trust me, you walk out full!

And then if you're in the mood for alcoholic beverages, they have Hite (of course!) and a variety of different flavored Sojus. We tried Strawberry and Lychee. Yep, you also walk out stumbling!

The second time we went, I really wanted to try their Kalbi and Kim Chee Pancake after reading good things about both on Yelp. After that, I decided Combo A is a much better value for your money than ordering ala carte. Kalbi was ok, and Pancake, I'd definitely pass on next time. Too much batter, and not crunchy. I even put some slices on the grill to crisp up, but I've had better elsewhere.

Verdict? Highly recommend! Pork Belly, Kim Chee Fried Rice, Soju, outdoor seating, good price, great service- what more can you ask for?!

PS- My new favorite thing to do? Put some Kim Chee on the grill! Comes out hot, a little crispy, and spicy! Yum!

Beautiful and relaxing outside seating area! You can also sit inside with AC if you prefer that instead.

Combo A

Such service. Forget having to cut your own meat!

Kim Chee Fried Rice!

Seafood Soybean Pot

Tofu Soup

One of my favorite side dishes- Steamed Egg! And you can always ask for more for free!

Our leftover meat waiting to be grilled

Kim Chee Pancake

Don-Day at night!

Soju flavors!

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