Thursday, July 11, 2013

More from Dash Gastropub!

Layered Maguro and Avocado Salad with Tempura Nori Crackers

I've done numerous reviews on Dash and their plethora of delicious food, but as I keep going back, there's always more food to report on! I've not been unhappy with anything I've eaten there, and I love their drinks. Try their Li Hing Soju pitcher- addicting, and so easy to drink!

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I personally love their Hiyayakko or "Ultimate Hiyayakko" as Dash calls it. Heck yes, I most definitely agree! Loaded with the most delicious toppings and sauces, it is a flavor explosion in your mouth. Plus, the tofu is soft, but is firm enough to pick up with your chopsticks.

As for other favorites, I have ordered their Bacon Fried Rice and Oysters on the half shell multiple times, as well as other Specials like their Black Truffle Hamachi Crudo and the Layered Maguro and Avocado Salad. I have yet to try their Ahi Tataki; last time I was there, they were out of Ahi! Steak Fries are also a hit. Be sure to order their two sauces- the Strawberry Guava Ketchup and Honey Dijon. That's the only way to eat these fries!

Next time, I'm ordering their Ahi Tataki and Agedashi Tofu!

Black Truffle Hamachi Crudo

Dash Ribeye with Sauteed Hamakua Alii Oyster Mushrooms and Onions

Dash Burger

Look at the layers on this, plus the crunchy nori! AHHH!

Fresh Oysters!

Chipotle House Mary

The Ultimate Hiyayakko!

So colorful I can't get enough!

Steak Fries with the most delicious sauces. See next picture!

Strawberry Guava Ketchup and a Honey Dijon dipping sauce! The strawberry guava adds such a vibrant taste to the otherwise typical ketchup, while the honey dijon is lighter and sweeter in flavor. The sauces make these fries!

Miso Ribeye- pan seared and Miso glazed with thinly sliced onions, citrus oroshi, green onions, green onion oil, bubu arare, and thin strips of nori.

Dash BLT Salad- Crispy Bacon and Waipoli hydroponic lettuce with Ho Farm tomatoes, avocado, fuji apples and parmesan.

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