Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Salt and Pepper Lobster

There are only a very few Chinese restaurants in Honolulu that I really adore. Being of Chinese ethnicity, I am pretty picky! My favorite Chinese is located in Vegas at Gold Coast Hotel; see HERE for Ping Pang Pong.

So what do I do when I'm hungry for Chinese and not in Vegas? Well, thankfully, my parents and I finally went back to Fook Yuen and ordered what they are famous for........LOBSTER! And boy, now we can see why everyone goes there for their lobster! Not only is the price right, but the portion is right, AND the Lobster is deliciously-fresh and tender! You can't go wrong. We asked the waiter what the most popular ways that the lobster is cooked, and he responded, "However you want it. Any way." Well, thank you Mr. Obvious!! I have to say he was not the most friendly or helpful waiter at first, and he seemed a little annoyed we didn't know these things, but after awhile, he seemed to get off his high horse and was a bit more talkative.

Besides THAT, the lobster was so so so tasty!! We had two orders, $11.99 each- one way was made with Onions/Garlic/Ginger, and the other was made Salt and Pepper way. The OGG way was a bit more saucy, and my least favorite. I loved the Salt and Pepper Lobster, which was more of a dry mix, and had a salty, crispy film on it. SO savory and scrumptious. Lots of lobster meat to go around!!!

We also had Salted Fish Fried Rice and Fried Stuffed Tofu. The Tofu was ULTRA crispy and airy-light, and the tofu was soft, but held together nicely. The Fried Stuffed Tofu is one of my favorite Chinese foods!

PS- When you are hungry for lobster late at night, this is your spot! They are open til 3am Monday-Sunday!

Onions/Garlic/Ginger Lobster

Look at the meat on these things!

Fried Stuffed Tofu!

Salted Fish Fried Rice

Two tanks full of fresh Lobster waiting to be eaten!

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