Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taormina Sicilian Cuisine

Located on Lewers in Waikiki

Since learning to love Uni (see here), I've recently wanted to try every restaurant offering Uni Pasta. Taormina had been on my list to eat at for quite some time, plus I had a Living Social deal to use. Since no one else in my family really loves Uni or loves it on their pasta, I knew the perfect person to take. My Uncle Steve! He eats everything from CPK and Zippys to Uni Pasta, Foie Gras, and Escargot. His food palate is very wide-ranged! In essence, he is my ultimate foodie partner, because he is willing to try anything and everything!

So, we went! We decided to get an appetizer and an entreé and split everything. Taormina has a lunch Special from 11am-4pm that comes equipped with a shot of Green Pea Soup, bite size of Chef's Antipasto, and a scoop of Gelato to finish, which seemed perfect, but Uni Pasta wasn't an entreé option! FYI, prices for the lunch Special depend on what you entreé you get from the list. Instead, we just ordered from the regular menu. Very glad we did!

My favorite was the Seafood Bruschetta that we ordered for Appetizer. It was different than what you'd usually expect. Comes out hot and doused with lots of creamy sauce and seafood bits! This has to be my most favorite Bruschetta yet! Chopped Prawns and Scallops sauteed with white wine, mascarpone cheese, and sundried tomatoes. You all know everything is better with cheese!

As for the Uni Pasta, well, it was everything that I hoped it would be. The Uni was fresh, but still had that slight ocean flavor. It wasn't too overwhelming- the Chef did a good job of adding lots of creamy goodness to it. Very rich, sweet, and luscious with chunks of Uni throughout. I'd have to say my first Uni Pasta experience was a success! Check!

Other items we ordered? Uncle Steve's eyes lit up when he saw Chilled Green Pea Potage Soup! It came out nice and cold, and very green. Not a fan of peas, I had one sip and that was it. He loved it though! Not one drop was left!

For dessert, we ordered Cannoli. I'm not a huge dessert fan, but it was a nice, light ending to the meal. I loved the Ala Mode and the bits of Pistachio that they added on top.

Overall, a great meal with great company! I'm definitely heading back soon!

Risotto with Foie Gras? That's for next time!

PS- Parking. Valet your car with Embassy Suites. It's free for 2 hours with validation! Check with the Beachwalk website HERE before you go because rules change often.


Inside seating by the front door, but there is also outside seating.

Cappuccino to start for Uncle Steve

Blood Orange Juice for me

Choose from 3 types of bread to dip in oil/balsamic vinaigrette: Walnut, Olive and Cheddar or plain Focaccia

Or ask to try all three!

Seafood Bruschetta. A MUST GET.

Chilled Pea Soup- very pretty in color, I must say.

And finally, the Uni Pasta!

Cannoli for dessert

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