Monday, October 17, 2011

Fatboy's (Keeaumoku St Location)

 I get my nails done at Salon Glitter on Keaaumoku. While walking to the back lot to my car, I recently passed by a newly-opened restaurant called Fatboy's. It was hopping with people! I immediately went home and yelped it, and also learned that their original and first restaurant is open in Kailua. It's very popular!

To me, Fatboy's is like a gourmet plate-lunch place. I absolutely loved it! That place was constantly busy with business people having lunch, families, friends all jiving and having a good time. There were also many people picking up take-out orders or picking up some of their pre-made hot food to go. Fatboy's also had a great atmosphere- big windows to see out and the place was lit well, and really clean. You can also watch TV (the Food Network was playing!), or watch the chefs cook up behind the glass windows. Very cool place!

Food was great for the price. These meals range from $7 to $12, and it's not only lunch! Come for Breakfast as well. Some breakfast items are only served on Friday, Sat and Sunday until 1030am (like the Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict I wanted!), but most are served ALL DAY.

My Dad ordered their Kalua Pig and Cabbage Plate, while I opted for their Garlic Shrimp (mild, medium or spicy). Dad's dish didn't look like the usual Kalua Cabbage- it wasn't all mixed together. Instead, it came with a cabbage leaf topped with Kalua Pig. Seemed like such a little lunch, but it also came with white or brown rice and Mac Salad. Dad enjoyed the Mac Salad because it had both egg and potatoes in it! He is always rating restaurants' Mac Salad ;)

As for me, my Garlic Shrimp was definitely GARLICKY! Pretty close to the Kahuku Shrimp Trucks that I love, but not as far a drive. I think I would definitely still drive out to taste that delectable fresh garlic shrimp. Fatboy's version wasn't bad, but wasn't salty enough for me. Seemed like it was drowned in garlic, although, as a garlic-lover, I still inhaled my whole plate!

There is no doubt in my mind that I will come here again. While walking in, a mushroom-swiss burger was being served, and Dad and I almost ordered that. I'm also planning on coming back on the weekend to try that Kalua Pig Eggs Bene for sure!

Kalua Pig Cabbage

Mushroom Swiss Burger on a Sweet Bun- second time there! SO DELICIOUS. Better than the Shrimp!
Mom had their Meat Jun. A nice sweet taste. The sauce to go with it was my favorite. It was like a spicy shoyu. REALLY good. Meat also very tender, but I'd still rate Angry Korean Lady the best on the island!
Dad had their Fish Jun. Pretty good, but again, nothing like Angry Korean Lady!


  1. Shane and i have been meaning to stop by this new one. we used to go to the one on nimitz, but this one looks much more swanky : )!!!

  2. Looks so delicious.