Friday, May 24, 2013


 I cannot rave about this place enough. This has become my favorite Japanese Yakiniku place in Honolulu, and with that said, Yakiniku was not even a favorite of mine before! Heijouen has changed that for me.

Located in Kapahulu, Heijouen opened a little over 6 months ago. Eating here happened on accident. A friend and I were actually on our way to eat at Gazen, but they were so crowded and the wait would be long. Coming down Kaimuki Ave from Kapiolani, we spotted a new restaurant on the corner. An old Shabu Shabu place used to be there but closed down pretty quickly. My friend, Todd, and I are always down to try new places, so we stopped in. We were literally the only other people in there besides another party of two. We didn't know what we were in for.

Well, Hallelujah, thank goodness we gave this place a try! The most quality meat, good service, and parking is easy (stalls in back of the restaurant). Todd and I had over $100 bill between us that night, but we enjoyed it by eating and drinking the night away. You're going to have to shell out the money, but trust me, it's oh so worth it! Since that first time, I've been back at least 3 more times, and I crave it on a weekly basis.

Here's what I've tried so far: (everything is good!!)
Fine Kalbi
Fine Harami
Fine Loin
Beef Tongue (thin and thick cut)
Pork Neck
Fine Outer Skirt
Choregi Salad
Assorted Namul
Seafood Jigae
and...YAKI CAKE!

The Yaki Cake is pound cake to be grilled and then eaten with ice cream swirled with caramel on top. This was SO good that we had 2 orders of this at my most recent visit.

Now, trust me on this, Heijouen (pronounced HEY-JOO-EN) is notches above Gyukaku and I've heard better than Hiroshi Yakiniku. This is a must try. You will not regret it!

Assorted Namul- the dark brown one is my favorite!

Look at the marbling on that!

Thin cut beef tongue, plus MUST HAVE toppings- ponzu and garlic butter (to melt on the grill)

All fine beef plus pork neck

Delicious and refreshing salad with spicy salad dressing (not too spicy, I loved it!)- Choregi Salad

A must, every time.


Special meat that day. Grill and then cut. Preserves the juices!

Seafood Jigae

Dessert Special! If they have this, you MUST MUST order it! It is essentially just poundcake to grill with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel. Absolutely amazing.

Finished product. Ready to eat!!

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