Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top Places To Visit on Oahu- TOURIST EDITION

I was recently asked by my friend, Reid, to do a post on my 'Top 10 Places a Tourist Must Visit Before Leaving Hawaii.' Well, honestly, Reid, I couldn't narrow everything down to just ten places!!

After lots of brainstorming and researching, this is what I have so far. I will add to it as I go along in my food journeys. Please click on the name to be linked to an original post for more info. I hope this helps all of you visiting Oahu for the first time or coming back for a paradise vacation. Enjoy!!

North Shore Shrimp Trucks- Giovanni's, Romy's or Fumi's or Ted's Bakery is also one of my favorites too!
After your stop in North Shore, hit up the Dole Plantation for Dole Whip
Another highly noted place for Shrimp- Sam's Kitchen. Not to mention, they are known for their Kava flavors.
Best Udon- Jimbo's
Best Ramen- Tenkaippin or Yotteko-Ya or Shirokiya always has a variety of ramen stands available.
Best Korean- Ah Lang aka Angry Korean Lady
Shave Ice- Waiola's Shave Ice, Shimazu's
Leonard's Malasadas
Oxtail Soup- They Alley at Aiea Bowl, and bowl while you're there too!
KCC Farmer's Market- every Saturday 7-11am or Tuesdays 4-7pm
Zaratez Tacos and Burritos- found at Tues KCC Farmer's Market, Wednesday HNL Farmer's Market and Thursday Kailua Farmer's Market- all 4-7pm.
Hawaiian Food and Poke- Young's Fishmarket. Check out their Butterfish Lau Lau on Fridays. OR Ono Hawaiian Food as some would recommend.
Breakfast- Moena Café, Café Kaila, or Sweet E's, Bogart's
The BEST Pancakes- Boots and Kimo's
Crepes- Crepes No Ka 'Oi
Poke/Poke Bowls- Tanioka's, Paina Café
Happy Hour- Amuse, Pearl Ultralounge, Mai Tai Bar, Cafe Duckbutt
Sushi- Kona Kai, Sasabune, Imanas-tei, Gazen Izakaya, Tokkuri-Tei, Yanagi Sushi, Sushi King
Acaí- Bogart's, Blue Hawaii Lifestyle
Kamehameha Bakery- Poi Glazed Donuts
Gastropubs- Dash Gastropub, Pint + Jigger, Real a Gastropub
Taco Tuesdays- Mai Tai Bar, Serg's 
Bento and Okazuya- Fukuya's
Mochi Ice Cream- Bubbie's
Japanese Cafeteria- Shirokiya- everything from ramen to udon to okonomiyaki and takoyaki

Other notable restaurants- Zippy's, Pineapple Room (for lunch), 12th Ave Grill, Arancino (Beachwalk or Marriot location), Assagio's, Nico's.

Other honorable mentions- Eat The Street and Art After Dark- every last Friday of the month.


  1. Have you had the oxtail soup from Pho Bistro 2? My favorite on the island by far! Also Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu is the best place I've eaten laulau, kalua pig, and pipikaula.

  2. Thanks Kim! My friends will definitely love (and use) this list! I haven't even been to some of these places so I too will be a bit of a tourist when I come back...can't wait to check some of these places out. my flight is tmrw ahhh!

  3. Would school you on the art of sushi but I don't want all of your readers packing my favorite spots... :) we can go if you don't blog about it...