Friday, August 24, 2012

Restaurant I-naba

A few days after being turned away at I-naba for lunch, Chris and I went back for dinner. Excited to use our 10% off coupon, we walked in and were greeted. We sat at the counter- almost all the tables were taken. No reservation.

I'd seen on my friend's Instagram that she had eaten there and ordered Hot Soba with Nametake Mushrooms. That's what I was craving, though I didn't see it on the menu. I asked our waitress if I could order that, and yup, no problem! I also ordered a side of their Japanese poached egg, and on special, an order of Konbumaki, my fave!!

Chris ordered a set of Cold Soba and Tempura. His tray looked ONO! Almost wished I had ordered that when his came out!

Verdict? Well, let's just say I don't think I'm a big fan of Soba. Maybe it's the monotony of soba. Pick up noodles, dip, eat, pick up noodles, dip, eat. It's a very simple and plain meal. Chris even commented on how unsatisfied I looked! That's when I wished I had some of Chris' tempura. Haha!

As for the Konbumaki......well, that was just delicious. I almost wanted two more orders of it!! So beautifully-marinated and tasty, just like how I remember it at New Year's. But then again, $5 for 4 small pieces?! Yikes. And boy, those set meals were not the most reasonably-priced. Come with some moolah in your pockets.

What I really did enjoy was the Soba-yu at the end of the meal. Our waitress brought us a container filled with hot soba water (that the noodles were originally cooked in). You pour that into your soba dipping sauce and then, drink up! Enjoy like soup or tea. Very calming.

Chris and I ended up getting dessert at my favorite Gelato truck, Via Gelato. On weekends, she's parked on Ward by Sports Authority from 6-10pm. Chris ordered half Green Tea Haupia and half Banana Lilikoi. I got half Banana Lilikoi and half Ginger. Absolutely delectable.


September calendar already up?? Or was it left up since Sept last year........?


Zaru Soba

Soba-yu time!

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  1. you! I offered some of my food, you should of taken! Foodies can see the pain in other's faces when they aren't satisfied. At least the night ended on a good note, gelato!